A Highly-Customizable Sword Helps Deal With All Of Nightkeep’s Combat Situations



Arietta, a huntress, will rely on a single sword as she battles through the monster-filled landscapes of  Nightkeep, but with the help of found or earned magical stones, players can customize its look and effects for any combat situation.




The hunters of Nightkeep play an important role, keeping monsters at bay from the rest of the populace. As such, it is up to Arietta to strike out into the countryside and kill whatever hostile creature she finds there, growing stronger with every victory through the game’s experience system.


Players will use a single sword throughout the game, but it can be customized with gems that will give it a different appearance and properties. These will help Arietta overcome many different challenges, but she will have to find these gems in hidden rooms out in the game’s open world, or earn them from doing sidequests for the population of the town of Nightkeep.




Players do have other offensive tools at their disposal. They can use throwing axes, daggers, and other goblin-invented tools. Each of these can grow in power through sidequests as well, and making them stronger will also affect their properties and appearance as well.


Nightkeep has no set release date for its pixel-art adventures, but is raising votes on Greenlight for its eventual release.

Alistair Wong
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