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Hikakin Stars in New Final Fantasy XIV Commercials

A new series of Final Fantasy XIV commercials starring Hikakin will start playing on TV in Japan until July 7, 2024. It’ll feature real footage of Hikakin and his friend Hajime Syacho playing the MMORPG. [Thanks, PR Times!]

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For reference, Hikakin is one of the top YouTubers in Japan. Hikakin is also a businessman, releasing products such as the Misokin instant ramen, which was a collaboration product with Nissin. He has multiple channels and his main channel HikakinTV has over 18.8 million subscribers. As for Hajime Syacho, he is also a very popular YouTuber. Like Hikakin, he has multiple YouTube channels, and his main one has over 14.2 million subscribers. Both of them are part of the UUUM network.

You can check out the Hikakin Final Fantasy XIV commercials here:

As a note, the Japanese version of Warrior of Light is “Hikari no Senshi,” or “Hikasen” for short. It sounds quite similar to Hikakin. So the title of this series is “Hikakin Becomes a Hikasen,” aka “Hikakin Becomes a WoL.”

Hikakin commented that he and Hajime Syacho had so much time playing for the commercials that recorded ended really quickly. He’s also amazed and emotional about how he’s able to do something for Final Fantasy as part of his job as a YouTuber, since he’s been a fan of the series since he was a student. As for Hajime Syacho, he said that he felt like a parent and cried when his cute avatar appeared in the commercials. This is the avatar he actually uses in game, which he started playing this year. He adds that he wants people to play Final Fantasy XIV, which he likes so much that he prioritizes it over sleep.

Final Fantasy XIV is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Dawntrail, the newest expansion for the game, will come out on July 2, 2024.

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