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Meet the FFXIV Dawntrail Main Characters

During the latest FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE LXXXII, Producer and Director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and Global Community Producer Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi introduced the main cast of characters that will appear in the upcoming FFXIV Dawntrail expansion. While some are returning, others are entirely new.

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As previously shown, Wuk Lamat is a member of the ruling family of Tural. She is childhood friends with Erenville, who helped her recruit the Warrior of Light to assist her in the rite of succession so that she can maintain peace within the nation. Erenville originally made his debut in the Endwalker expansion, but the development team was excited for the character and decided to bring him back.

Krile is a character that received a Job change for the upcoming FFXIV Dawntrail expansion, becoming a Pictomancer. Krile decides to go to Tural in order to uncover the truth behind her grandfather Galuf’s death. Thancred and Urianger will team up in the upcoming expansion in their journey to Tural. However, their path might differ from that of the Warrior of Light and their companions.

The Dawnservant Gulool Ja Ja is a two-headed Mamool Ja, and the founder and current ruler of the nation of Tuliyollal. Because of his two heads, Gulool Ja Ja has two different personalities, and even two different voice actors, one for each head. One of them has a keen interest in combat and martial arts, while the other one is closer to a scholar, having an interested in studying and acquiring knowledge. They are also known as the Vow of Resolve and Vow of Reason.

Zoraal Ja is known as the First Promise of Tuliyollal, and Yoshi-P described him as akin to a sibling to Wuk Lamat. He is one of the candidates in the rite of succession, so he will fulfill a rival role to Wuk Lamat and the Warrior of Light. Another rival in the rite of succession, Koana is an adopted son to the ruling class of Tuliyollal and he believes in technology and innovation as the key to rule.

Bakool Ja Ja is another two-headed Mamool Ja. He earned the right to participate in the rite of succession after finding success in a martial tournament. Because two-headed Mamool Ja are relatively rare, this played a part in him becoming eligible for the rite of succession. Finally, the Enigmatic Maiden was revealed in the Dawntrail launch trailer, but the developers didn’t give much information about her. Additionally, Alphinaud and Alisaie will appear alongside other characters. However, they received a minor mention in comparison to the rest of the cast seen above.

You can check out the character profiles in more detail here:

Final Fantasy XIV is readily available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The FFXIV Dawntrail expansion debuts on July 2, 2024.

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