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Holoearth Version 0.8.0 to Introduce Combat, Night

The Holoearth Version 0.8.0 update will add combat and survival features. In addition, the simulation room will be larger and there will be a day-night cycle. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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Version 0.8.0 of Holoearth go live on June 17, 2024. Cover already announced this back in April 2024, though that reveal didn’t involve a concrete release date. You can watch the trailer here:

In the trailer, we can watch the sky turn from night to day. We also get the first example of combat in Holoearth, as we get to see a battle. You can also throw items at enemies and attack them with your swords. Defeating them can also let you level up. The trailer doesn’t show too much of what you can do to survive in the wild, but we can see the avatar player sitting next to a fire outside. There will also be 36 new items to customize your avatar and over 200 new items for your house.

At night, you’ll need to use a torch or campfire to see things around you. Defeating monsters will let you gain materials and ingredients. You can then use those items to craft various items or cook different meals. You’ll need to do so to prevent hunger and dehydration, which can affect your stamina.

Holoearth is available on the Windows PC and Version 0.8.0 will come out on June 17, 2024. To commemorate this, you’ll be able to collect 300 Holocoins. However, this offer will only be available until August 14, 2024.

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