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Hololive Collaboration Group UMISEA Debuts First Original Song

Cover Corporation has released a new original song from the Hololive VTuber collaboration group UMISEA, titled “Domination! All the World Is an Ocean.” A short music video is currently available to watch on YouTube. It is also available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Additionally, Cover revealed that new UMISEA merchandise is currently in development.

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UMISEA includes Japanese Hololive VTubers Minato Aqua and Houshou Marine, as well as Hololive English VTubers Ninomae Ina’nis and Gawr Gura. Cover has recently uploaded animated shorts of the characters on an oceanic adventure under the same group name. The four characters are united by their various marine-based appearances and names. Gawr Gura is a shark, Houshou Marine is a pirate, Minato Aqua is a marine-themed maid, and Ninomae Ina’nis is an octopus.

The nearly five-minute-long song details the hijinks of the four characters as they plan to take over the world by sea. The song also features various references and in-jokes to the VTubers’ backgrounds, as well as a reference to the “nice boat” meme from 2007.

You can check out the Hololive UMISEA original song short version below.

Hololive VTubers have been rising in popularity. Gawr Gura recently surpassed fellow VTuber Kizuna Ai in YouTube subscribers. Gawr Gura Nendoroids sold out almost instantly after pre-orders opened. The second window of pre-orders for the Nendoroid also opened last week.

The new Hololive UMISEA song “Domination! All the World Is an Ocean” is immediately available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. It can also be downloaded via iTunes Store and Mora. A short music video version is also available to watch via YouTube.

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