Hololive En Shorts Look at Myth and Council Vtubers

Hololive En Shorts Look at Myth and Council Vtubers

Hololive announced a new way to help people get to know its Vtubers. There are now Hololive En Shorts. An official YouTube channel opened for the series of videos, which are designed to celebrate the branch’s first anniversary. So far, there’s only one. The initial short looks at how the Hololive English Council, Hope, and Myth Vtubers greet their audiences.

The first short introduces people in the order they debuted. That means things start with Hololive Myth members. First, Gawr Gura appears. Then, Takanashi Kiara. After that, Ninomae Ina’nis shows up. Mori Calliope’s greeting follows. And that segment ends with Amelia Watson.

After that, the only member of Hololive En Project: Hope appears. That’s IRyS.

Finally, things wrap up with the Hololive Council members saying hello. This is the most recent generation of English Vtubers. First, there’s Hakos Baelz. Then, Ouro Kronii shows up with a pun. Ceres Fauna appears after that. Nanashi Mumei follows. Finally, Tsukumo Sana is the last member of the group to appear.

Here’s the first short video.

Hololive announced a set release schedule for the Hololive En Short videos. Every day, there will be one new video. It is unknown if they will all feature more than one personality, or if subsequent additions will only offer one.

Jenni Lada
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