Hololive VR Chat Smolverse

Hololive EN VR Chat Server Smolverse is Live

The hololive English VR Chat server Smolverse is now open to the public. The VR Chat world previously appeared in VTuber Watson Amelia’s streams. In addition to a central hub, the server also features rooms dedicated to various members of hololive English.

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The Smolverse VR Chat world originally appeared during the hololive English one-year anniversary stream back in September 2021. Since then, VTuber Watson Amelia has used the world in collaboration streams with other VTubers. Users can now access the world via a public server without the use of a VR headset. Additionally, Amelia urges fans to share screenshots of the server via the #Smolverse hashtag.

Dedicated to the founding members of hololive English, the VR Chat world features rooms themed around each member of hololive Myth. Amelia Watson’s room features a “smol” version of the character sleeping at a bus stop at the end of time, while Gawr Gura’s room is an underwater ruin. Furthermore, the central hub connecting to each room includes a large crying statue of Yagoo, the founder of Cover Inc.

Hololive English has been celebrating the end of the year with a dose of new content recently. Earlier this month, the VTubers unveiled new party outfits on stream, with merchandise coming later in 2022. Cover Inc also released a Christmas song featuring many members of hololive English.

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