Hololive Holoearth Lobby Metaverse Beta to Open This Week

holoearth beta hololive metaverse

Cover announced that the Hololive metaverse project Holoearth will open up a beta version of its lobby from November 24, 2022. People will be able to chat and emote with other players through the usage of avatars. This beta is for the communication lobby, which will serve as a sort of foyer for Holoearth. [Thanks, Denfami!]

Holoearth will be a mix of different worlds and a variety of content. It will allow people to experience the metaverse with VTubers from Hololive. Unlike the beta that took place in March 2022, this lobby beta will not have a time limit. Players will be able to access it indefinitely. You will be able to get the program for free from the Holoearth official website.

There is also a new main visual for Holoearth. It features the unnamed girl who likely serves as the “player avatar” and Tokino Sora. Tokino Sora is the founding member of Hololive and debuted in 2017. As of the time of writing, her YouTube channel has over 1.04 million subscribers.

According to past announcements, the Holoearth metaverse project will be an open-world sandbox game. Players can adventure and live a “daily life” in a way that is similar to Minecraft. Players will also be able to customize their avatar in the final version of the project. However, it is unclear if the communication lobby beta will allow any sort of customization.

The Holoearth beta will only be available for Windows PC. It will be available from the official website from November 24, 2022.

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