Hololive Inugami Korone Nendoroid Includes a Finger

Hololive Korone Nendoroid

The hololive Inugami Korone Nendoroid is now available for pre-order from Good Smile Company. The Nendoroid will come with additional parts including three different facial expressions, a Hosoinu figure, and a finger. Pre-orders will be available until June 8, 2022, or until supplies last, and will ship sometime in January 2023. The Nendoroid will cost $56.99.

Korone is the fourth and last member of the hololive Gamers VTuber group to receive a Nendoroid figure. Her Nendoroid will come with three different faceplates, including standard, smiling, and “yandere” facial expressions. As with other Nendoroids, she will also come with interchangeable hand parts that allow her to hold certain additional items.

Many of these additional items serve as references to the personality’s past content. These include a holdable loaf of french bread and a large finger. Furthermore, owners can also display two different types of plastic sheet Koronesuki faces. She also comes with a miniature Hosoinu. Her Nendoroid stand features Inugami Korone’s name and a symbol of a croissant.

Get a better look at the Korone Nendoroid in the screenshots below:

Good Smile Company has previously released other Nendoroids of hololive Gamer VTubers like Shirakami Fubuki, Nekomata Okayu, and Ookami Mio. The company also released Pop Up Parade figures of both Okayu and Korone back in September 2021.

The hololive Inugami Korone Nendoroid is available for pre-order via the Good Smile Company website. The Nendoroid will cost $56.99 and ship sometime in January 2023. Pre-orders will be open until June 8, 2022, or until supplies last.

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