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Hololive Minato Aqua Aquarium Merchandise Will Appear on Sofmap

minato aqua hololive aquarium merchandise

Entergram will start selling merchandise from Aquarium, which is a PS4 and Switch romance game featurinh Minato Aqua of Hololive. The goods were originally exclusive to Comiket 101. However, Entergram will start selling it to non-Comiket participants from January 26, 2023 via Sofmap. [Thanks, Dengeki Online!]

The Minato Aqua Aquarium merchandise that will be available for purchase from Sofmap are:

  • C101 set
    B2 tapestry, a short story, visual fanbook, special paper bag
  • Switch storage case
  • Rubber keyholders (five variations)
  • Acrylic figures (three variations)

Though Minato Aqua is the star of Aquarium, you have the chance of getting either Houshou Marine or Shirakami Fubuki for the keyholders of the acrylic figures. Both of them are also Vtubers associated with Hololive. Sofmap does offer international shipping. As of the time of writing, though, the only Aquarium item available on Sofmap is the Switch version of the game. So the prices of the various goods are unknown as of yet.

Aquarium came out in October 2022, and there is no official English release as of yet. It is a romance visual novel in which you play as Minato Aqua’s employer. She is your maid, and you are a nobleman. Various Hololive VTubers, including Aqua herself, streamed themselves playing the game.

Aquarium is available in Japanese territories on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The Hololive Aquarium goods will appear on Sofmap from January 26, 2023.

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