Hololive Myth Wears New Outfits for New Song

Hololive Myth New Outfits

Cover Corp released a new song in which the members of Hololive Myth wear their new kimono outfits. Mori Calliope wrote the song and edited the music video, which features all five members of Hololive Myth. The video is available to watch via the official Hololive English YouTube account.

Titled “Journey Like a Thousand Years,” the song recounts how the five members are eager to meet each other after what feels like thousands of years being apart. The song was a collaborative effort between the members of Hololive Myth. In addition to Mori Calliope’s lyrics and video editing, Ninomae Ina’nis illustrated the characters featured in the video. Frequent Hololive collaborator Farhan Sarasin composed the song. Notably, the song will also release on several music streaming platforms in the near future.

You can check out the Hololive Myth new outfits and new song “Journey Like a Thousand Years” in the video below.

The new outfits are part of Hololive English’s new year celebrations, and also will also include new outfits for the Hololive Council group. Each member of Hololive Myth revealed their own kimono outfits via live stream on January 8, 2022. Hololive Council members will unveil their new outfits on January 15, 2022. Cover Corp is working to improve VSinger IRyS’ new outfit, which it will reveal at a later date.

Andrew Kiya
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