Super Holo Wars is an indie Hololive strategy RPG inspired by Super Robot Wars
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Hololive Strategy RPG Super Holo Wars Beta Released

An indie Hololive strategy RPG inspired by the mecha crossover game series Super Robot Wars is in the works. Indie developer TShadowKnight has published the first free public beta release for Super Holo Wars on, and this beta build is playable in English on PCs and mobile devices via RPG Maker MV game players.

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Super Holo Wars will have an original storyline that features Hololive Production’s talent Vtubers and staff members pilot robots called HoloGears. The first beta release has the first out of two planned chapters fully playable with a number of stages. However, only the Gears from the first 11 stages have their unique attack animations finished. The developer’s team will continue working on the animations for the remaining units and stages.

The developer is creating this game using RPG Maker MV with additional engines that make it support the Strategy RPG genre in general and Super Robot Wars-like gameplay system to be more specific. The engines in question are SRPG Engine MV, which has since been developed further into SRPG Gear MV, and the SRW Engine MV expansion self-developed by TShadowKnight.

The Hololive indie game development scene has seen a surge in recent months, especially after Cover established the Holo Indie brand. The company has since helped developers worldwide release PC games themed after Hololive Vtubers, such as Holo X Break, Idol Showdown, Miko Sniper, and DUEHOLO.

The first public beta release of Super Holo Wars is available to play on PCs and mobile devices.

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