Hololive Valkyrie Connect Characters Return, Awakened Forms Shown


The Valkyrie Connect Hololive mini collab event now live, and there are new details about what to expect from the event. To start, everyone can earn Kiara Takanashi, Ina’nis Ninomae, La+ Darkness, and Pekora Usada for free. They can also get the Awakening materials for free during the event. If they get both, they can unlock the awakened forms of all four characters. These versions feature newly voiced lines from the four Vtubers.

First, here are the latest images showing how the Awakened versions of Kiara, Ina’nis, La+, and Pekora look in Valkyrie Connect. The outfits for each remain the same. The poses for each shift and, in some cases, look a bit more dynamic. For example, Pekora is sharing a peace sign and wielding her staff in a different way for hers. Ina’nis is now sitting down and has her tome in her hand. Kiara looks like she is about to strike with her sword. Finally, La+ is holding her polearm menacingly.

The new voice lines haven’t been officially shared yet. Those appear when the awakened version reaches its max level.

Ahead of the event, Kiara and Ina’nis hosted a stream going over it. They also show direct comparisons between the before-and-after appearances of all four Hololive Valkyrie Connect units.

A second second Hololive event is also apparently on the way. There are no details about it yet.

Valkyrie Connect is available on PCs and mobile devices, and the Hololive event will be back until January 31, 2023.

Jenni Lada
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