Honkai Impact Update 4.8, Phantom of the Theater Previewed

Honkai Impact Update

MiHoYo is gearing up to launch the latest update to Honkai Impact 3rd. The new expansion, Update 4.8, is officially titled “Phantom of the Theater,” and will come with a new playable character as well as new story missions and limited-time events for players to enjoy.

Honkai Impact update 4.8 will focus its new content on the character Seele Vollerei. Seele comes with a new playable Battlesuit, called “Starchasm Nyx.” The new S-Rank Battlesuit wields a scythe and chained claws. It sports a very different attitude compared to Seele’s other incarnations. MiHoYo also uploaded a trailer previewing Honkai Impact update 4.8’s content.

Note: The content in the trailer may be considered a spoiler for a character’s developing story. Skip ahead to the 46-second mark to just see the Battlesuit preview.

MiHoYo also uploaded a teaser trailer for Starchasm Nyx, which contains more narrative- and character-focused content rather than gameplay footage.

The Honkai Impact 4.8 update will also see the debut of a new yearly community event. Titled “Stan Wars,” the event will invite players to vote on their favorite characters, as well as participating in challenges and missions. Participating players will earn Valkyrie Ovyom (S) items, which can be exchanged for rare Battlesuits or the fragments used to enhance them.

Honkai Impact 3rd Update 4.8 “Phantom of the Theater” will go live on May 27, 2021. The game itself is immediately available on Android, iOS and PC. The 4.9 update, which is scheduled for debut in June 2021, will add a collaboration event with miHoYo’s other game, Genshin Impact.

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