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Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets New Game+ And Ultra Hard Difficulty




There is big news for anyone who owns Horizon: Zero Dawn. Update 1.30 has been announced on the PlayStation Blog. This patch, which is available now, not only fixes bugs and progression issues. It adds a new difficulty level, new game+ option, face paints, and equipment options.


The new difficulty level is Ultra Hard. This is the hardest difficulty and once you choose it, you are stuck with it. You can’t switch to a lower difficulty. It places limits on your health regeneration, while also making machines more smart and sensitive.


New Game+ is an even bigger addition to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Should you immediately hop back into the adventure after completing the game, your Aloy will still be as strong and well-equipped as she was when you last saw her. The level cap has not been raised beyond 50. However, you will be able to add facepaint to her, change her Focus, and earn two new Trophies. You might also find new versions of equipment you have seen before that have more modification slots. Paying extra shards will give you these weapons and pieces of armor that will offer more options.


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Horizon: Zero Dawn is available for the PlayStation 4.

Jenni Lada
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