A Horror RPG In Which You Level Down With Every Passing Minute


26 Gy is an experimental horror RPG in which your party of three are dying of radiation poisoning. You can purchase it on and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


In it, you control three staff members of the Los Alamos National Laboratory after a deadly radiation accident that gives them only 72 hours to live.


What this means is that the three playable characters lose a level with every passing minute. You have to find weapons, armor, and stat bonuses to try to counteract the deterioration.

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While trying to stay alive may be challenge enough, you have to help the three staff members to explore the ever-shifting labyrinth beneath the labs for a door that is said to lead into never-ending darkness.


The creator of 26 Gy also has this to say about it: “26 Gy is designed to reflect the era of PC shareware disks and pirated cassette games. It is a throwback to the bizarre adventure game on the 10-in-1 disk that you couldn’t play without a manual, the RPG with the copy protection crudely hacked out that didn’t make sense.”

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