Hototogisu Tairan 1553 Ryuko Aiutsu Explains How The Game Is Meant To Be Played

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Granzella announced the other day that they will be making a new Hototogisu Tairan game for the Nintendo Switch, and they recently posted a new teaser trailer, and more gameplay details on the game on their official site.


Game Guide:

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Hototogisu is a trading card strategy simulation game. Cards have various effects, and the fun comes from not only collecting cards and building decks, but moving units on the field as well.


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Fights take place on a 5×5 grid battlefield, where you move your generals on the field. Defeating the enemy commander constitutes a win. When fighting, players can use strategies such as doing a pincer attack, or positioning units next to allies for combat bonuses, in order to seize a win.


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Each general has their own special skill, which can be used in battle to grant bonuses such as getting the first attack, or to take down an opponent when they are defeated. These skills should be used wisely at the right moments.


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There are also cards with special effects, such as changing the battlefield or changing the weather, or debuffing enemy generals. Some cards even work better with certain generals on the field.


There are also cards that nullify or reverse opponent card effects, and players need to be able to change their strategy on the fly to accommodate their opponents’ card effects.


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Each deck consists of 30 cards, and you can create decks as you please based on playstyle. There are five factions that players can choose from, each accommodating a different playstyle.


Here is the full teaser trailer below:


Hototogisu Tairan 1553 Ryuko Aiutsu will be available for Nintendo Switch in Japan, in Spring 2018. On the official site, Granzella confirms that the game will remain a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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