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Studio Ghibli Movie How Do You Live Voice Actors Revealed

The voice actors cast for the new Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli movie, How Do You Live? is now available online. It features popular actors such as Takuya Kimura and Kou Shibasaki. Kenshi Yonezu sang the theme song “Chikyugi” for the film. [Thanks, Oricon!]

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As of the time of writing, the cast list on Oricon only provides the voice actors and not the characters they play in How Do You Live?. In any case, you will be able to hear the voice talents of:

  • Aimyon (Singer; How Do You Live? is her debut)
  • Jun Fubuki (Pinako Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Revenge of Scar)
  • Karen Takizawa (Sei Sato in Maria-sama ga Miteru)
  • Keiko Takeshita (Sadako Maki in Arriety)
  • Kou Shibasaki (Mitsuko in Battle Royale)
  • Masaki Suda (Shinpachi in Gintama)
  • Sawako Agawa (Taeko Nakamura in Egoist)
  • Shinobu Otake (Nikuko in Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko)
  • Takuya Kimura (Yagami in Lost Judgment)
  • Yoshino Kimura (Tigress in Kung Fu Panda)

Suda and Shibasaki will play the leading roles. Meanwhile, Takuya Kimura is a special guest.

Kenshi Yonezu is a prolific and popular Japanese singer. Aside from providing the theme song “Chikyugi” for How Do You Live?, he also sang the opening of Chainsaw Man and the second season of My Hero Academia. As well, he recently provided the theme song for Final Fantasy XVI. As of the time of writing, “Chikyugi” is not available on YouTube.

How Do You Live? is a new Studio Ghibli movie currently airing in Japanese theaters. There’s no international release date yet. There’s been practically no promotional campaign for the film. But the story appears to take place during WWII and focuses on the idea of creating a world without conflict.

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