Palworld Lockpicking Minigame
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How Lockpicking Works in Palworld

Crossing paths with a chest in the open world of Palworld is common. Having the right key to unlock them at that moment in time is less frequent, however. In the Sakurajima Island update, Pocketpair attempted to remedy this dilemma with the new lockpicking feature, which lets you use the Lockpicking Tool in Palworld to unlock chests.

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Palworld Unlocking Chest
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How do I unlock the Lockpicking Tool in Palworld?

Most new additions in the Sakurajima Island update require players to be at a higher level to take advantage of them. With the Lockpicking Tool, however, players don’t have to level up too much to unlock the new feature. You must be level 16 to unlock the first version of the tool.

As part of the Technology Tree, lockpicking needs Ancient Technology Points to unlock. You will need quite a few Ancient Technology Points, as there are three different versions of the Lockpicking Tool. Each version replaces what key you need to unlock a specific chest.

Below are the levels, materials, and Ancient Technology Points needed to unlock each Lockpicking Tool. I recommend getting the first version as soon as possible.

Lockpicking Tool VersionLevelTechnology PointsMaterialChest Key 
Lockpicking Tool v1161Ingot x10
Nail x5
Paldium Fragment x10
Copper Key
Lockpicking Tool v2282Ingot x20
Nail x10
Paldium Fragment x20
Silver Key
Lockpicking Tool v3513Nail x20
Paldium Fragment x30
Pal Metal Ingot x30
Gold Key

How do I use the Lockpicking Tool?

Palworld Chest Reward
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In Palworld, certain chests require a key to unlock the items inside. The Lockpicking Tool allows players to unlock them without the need of said key. When approaching a chest, you will be prompted to choose between using a key or the Lockpicking Tool. Selecting the option that asks to use it will reveal a mini game. The mini game requires you to move the lockpicks to unlock the chest. Once opened, you will be rewarded with different items varying from weapon schematics to Pal Spheres.

Pocketpair included more than lockpicking in the Sakurajima update. New Pals, materials, and events were added to Palworld for players to enjoy on June 27, 2024.

Palworld is in early access on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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