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How SoulCalibur VI Keeps The Soul Burning In Part 2 Of Its Sword and Souls Documentary



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Bandai Namco recently kicked off a video documentary series called “Souls and Souls” as a way to hype up the upcoming release of SoulCalibur VI. Here’s part 2, titled “Soul Still Burns.”


The video features FGC figures Maximilian Dood, Kayane, LinkRKC, Aris, Bibulus, and MarkMan, who discuss what elements SoulCalibur VI tap into the legacy of the series, and the new features they’re excited for at launch.


In case you missed it, check part 1, titled “The Rise of SoulCalibur” in our previous report.


SoulCalibur VI releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19, 2018. You can also check out a video breaking down the basics for new players and returning veterans here.

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