How to Activate the Eidos 7 Monorail in Stellar Blade (Puzzle Guide)
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How to Activate the Eidos 7 Monorail in Stellar Blade (Puzzle Guide)

To progress through Eidos 7, you need to solve the Abandoned Station Monorail puzzle in Stellar Blade. This guide will explain how to activate the Eidos 7 Monorail in Stellar Blade so you can access the Flooded Commercial Sector.

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Stellar Blade Monorail Location
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Abandoned Station Monorail Solution in Stellar Blade

Towards the middle of the opening Eidos 7 level, EVE will need to ride a Monorail to reach the Flooded Commercial Sector. However, you will need to activate the Rail first by completing a puzzle at the Monorail Panel. While the puzzle can be a bit confusing at first, we’ve got you covered!

The Monorail in Stellar Blade can be activated by using the number combination of 3, 8, 6, 1. For your convenience, though, we have provided the full Stellar Blade Monorail puzzle solution below:

Stellar Blade Monorail Puzzle Solution
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How to Activate the Rail by Supplying Power in Stellar Blade

Knowing the right number combination for the Eidos 7 Monorail panel is only half the battle, as you need to know how to input them properly. If you are still struggling to complete the puzzle, we’ll do a deeper breakdown of how to solve it.

The activate the Rail by supplying power in Stellar Blade, you need to place the numbers in the correct slots. So, for example, the third and fifth slots in the puzzle need to be left empty in order for the puzzle to be solved. Here is an image that demonstrates what I mean:

Stellar Blade Monorail Puzzle Password
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Once you input 3, 8, 6, 1 in the correct slots, the Monorail in Stellar Blade will be powered on. Walk inside the railcar and have EVE sit down to trigger a cutscene that will take her to the Flooded Commercial Sector.

Stellar Blade is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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