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How to Beat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Zhuyan is the second boss that you will encounter as you play through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Like you can probably imagine from his physical appearance, this massive ape can pack a serious punch. However, if you play a more defensive game, then it is not too difficult to topple this beast.

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To start with, I once again recommend using a polearm if you lack confidence in your ability to deflect. Deflecting and parrying Zhuyan’s attacks are the key to this strategy. Another thing to keep note of is Morale. Morale dictates how much damage you receive when an enemy hits you, as well as how much damage you deal in turn. Zhuyan’s Morale is 10 so you should have around that too. For reference, I defeated Zhuyan with 8, which was my minimum. I personally do not recommend trying to grind too much in Wo Long because you have to go through it again if you die. It feels like a waste of time unless you’re really having trouble.

wo long zhuyan guide

Unlike Zhang Liang, Zhuyan tends to dish out combo moves. So even if you parry one hit, he continue to slug on you about two more times. His critical hits are all fairly easy to read because of how long his preparation time is and how he tends to lunge or jump at you. However, on the flip side, he comes towards you very fast. I recommend maintaining a good distance to give yourself ample time to react. If you mix in Spirit Attacks with parrying, you should be able to deplete Zhuyan’s Spirit Gauge fairly often and at a fast tempo.

Zhao Yun is pretty useless in this match, to be honest. But he’s fantastic as a wall or a decoy. Whenever Zhuyan is whaling on Zhao Yun, that’s your chance to sneak in some free hits. Sprint up to Zhuyan while he’s busy beating up Zhao Yun and get in as much damage as you can. I highly recommend the Wood Phase Wizardry Spell “Absorb Vitality” for boss fights. So if you cast Absorb Vitality before you start slashing at Zhuyan, you can top up any HP you might have lost earlier. With these tips you should have an easier time tackling Zhuyan in Wo Long.

Wo Long is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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