View of Worqor Zor Mor and the Fields of Urqopacha in the day
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Where Are All the FFXIV Aether Currents in Urqopacha

It’s possible to tour Urqopacha from the sky via the Aether Currents hidden in the region in FFXIV, but that means finding where they all are first. Urqopacha is one of the first zones players will have access to in Dawntrail. Home to the Pelupelu traders and the Yok Huy giant sculptors, this mountainous zone has no shortage of gorgeous vistas and Aether Currents to track down.

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Where do I find all the FFXIV Aether Currents in Urqopacha?

There are 10 Aether Currents to collect, scattered cross the map. One is obtained at the end of the Main Scenario Quests in the area, and four more are locked behind side quests. I recommend players attune with the Aetherytes in these two sections so you can teleport between the north and southern half of the map while collecting Aether Currents.

You can reference the map below for collecting Aether Currents in Urqopacha. The Aether Currents you find in the field are marked in green, and the ones locked behind side quests are marked in blue.

Map of Urqopacha Aether currents and Quests. Green is where the currents are and Blue is the side quests that unlock them
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Aerther Currents in the Urqopacha region in FFXIV both look and sound the same as Aether Currents discovered in previous zone maps. They will be swirling balls of green wind, and when approaching them, you will receive an audio cue. The best way to make sure you’re headed in the right direction is to retrieve the Aether Compass from your Collection and add it to your hotbar.

You can find a list of coordinates for Aether Currents found on the map below:

  • X: 28.5, Y: 16.7, Z: 1.1. Northwest of Iculo’s Inn, on a boulder.
  • X: 29.7, Y: 7.8, Z: 0.8. Upper Right Corner, in the northeast of the Agave Jaw.
  • X: 17.4, Y: 17.4, Z: 1.4. Southwest of Ciblu’s Coffee Grounds, by the barrier between the northern and southern sections.
  • X: 18.7, Y: 9.8, Z: 1.2In the mid-northern section of the map, on a hill north of Ciblu’s Coffee Grounds
  • X: 12.3, Y: 11.6, Z: 1.9. In Chabameki, northwest of Miplu’s Mate Gardens.
  • X: 29.4, Y: 26.7, X: 3.0. North of Worlar’s Echo, sitting on a cliff.
  • X: 28.8, Y: 21.2, Z: 2.8. In Shades of Grief, behind a stone tower by the northern edge of the South section of the map.
  • X: 17.5, Y: 20.3, Z: 2.4. In Proof, on the western edge of a cliff by the cenotaphs.
  • X: 22.8, Y: 36.4, Z: 2.2. Southernmost point, by Chirwagur Lake and the salt flats.
  • X: 5.2, Y: 23.5, Z: 2.7. In Larh Tortoh, on the western corner of the lake.

Where are the Urqopacha Aether Current side quests?

There are four of these to keep in mind. Some of them involve completing Main Scenario Quests first or taking on side quests from NPCs.

There are a total of four Aether Currents locked behind Side Quests. Some of these Side Quests will require you to finish specific Main Scenario Quests. I suggest grabbing these Side Quests on Jobs that are not at Level 100, since some of them do distribute experience.

You can find a list of Aether Currents locked behind Side Quests below:

  • Complete “A Crisis of Corruption,” given by Nopli in Wachunpelo.
  • Complete “A Traveler to the Rescue,” given by the Flustered Merchant in Wachunpelo.
  • Complete “The Flame Burns No More,” given by Murfurlur in Worlar’s Echo.
  • Complete “An Illuminating Ritual,” given by Garhorlor in Worlar’s Echo.

The quests available in Worlar’s Echo will only become accessible once players complete the level 93 Main Scenario Quest called “The Feat of Ice.” Upon completion of all the quests and finding each node, plays will unlock access to flying in this zone.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail officially launched on July 2, 2024. It is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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