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How to Change Your Appearance in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter always allowed players to create Hunters with some level of customization. So it isn’t a huge surprise that players can tweak their own characters inNiantic’s Monster Hunter Now character creator. However, while you may get the impression that you can only select a few standard presets at the start, you can actually customize your character quite a bit. This guide breaks down how you can change your appearance in Monster Hunter Now.

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How to Change Your Appearance in Monster Hunter Now

Thankfully, the game makes clear that you can change your appearance at any time. That said, you will need to complete the Tutorial, which will see you fight a trio of Jagras and a Great Jagras, in order to access your Hunter Profile. Your Profile is found on the lower lefthand side of the screen, and features a bust of your Hunter. Tap this and you will be brought to another menu. This is where you will find the “Edit Appearance” button. Tap this and you will be taken to a more robust character creator.

Here’s a closer look via some screenshots I took:

Here is where the character creator more or less resembles what you can find in previous Monster Hunter games. While it doesn’t have any sliders, you can choose unique features for your character, such as your jaw shape, eye shape, hair style, and hair color. This allows you to create a Hunter that is more or less uniquely your own, and is surprisingly fairly robust for a mobile game.

That said, you can edit your character at any time. This means that if you are unhappy with the appearance of your Hunter, or just want to switch it up, you just need to navigate back to the “Edit Appearance.” You can also freely change the body type of your character as well.

Are There Any Cosmetic Items to Buy for Avatars?

No, there are no cosmetics options for your avatar in the game at this time. Pokemon GO, another Niantic game based on an existing franchise, eventually let you buy clothing items to change your appearance, however.

Monster Hunter Now is available for Android and iOS devices.

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