How to Complete ‘A Spicy Encounter’ in Fae Farm
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How to Complete ‘A Spicy Encounter’ in Fae Farm

By the time you get through Scorched Cavern’s 25 floors, you might wonder if the “A Spicy Encounter” Flammo has planned for you in Fae Farm will be taxing. Fortunately, out of all the elemental sprite quests I encountered in the game, I found it the easiest. In fact, by the time you reach Flammo, you might have already gotten the Coal, Fireweeds, and Flame Salts just by going through the area.

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How to Complete ‘A Spicy Encounter’ in Fae Farm

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How to get all the items for Flammo in “A Spicy Encounter” in Fae Farm

For the last “mining dungeon” quest, Flammo’s requests in “A Spicy Encounter” in Fae Farm are incredibly simple. Every item, except for one, can be gotten in Scorched Caverns or its immediate vicinity. The only exception is Flame Heart. This is a fae crop that cauliflower grows into when you use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on it when it is planted in fae soil beds or at the Fae Acres farm.

So, here’s all the stuff you need to make Flammo chill out.

  • 3 Ancient Lumber: Chop down 30 pieces of Ancient Logs from the trees in the Frozen Plateau region. Also, some enemies in Scorched Caverns drop Ancient Logs.
  • 5 Flame Hearts: Plant cauliflower in fae soil beds or in soil at Fae Acres, then use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on it. When it is ready to harvest, it will be this new crop instead.
  • 10 Flame Salts: Use an Orichalcum Shovel to dig it up from lava-esque patches of ground in later floors in Scorched Caverns.
  • 15 Coal: You can use any pickaxe on any coal outcrop in a mine to get it. It is found in Scorched Caverns.
  • 15 Fireweeds: You need an Orichalcum Sickle to harvest this from grassy spots in Scorched Caverns.

As usual, after delivering all items you’ll need to wait until the next morning for a cutscene that shows the result of the events. (In my Switch game at the time, this was broken and I only saw black backgrounds with text.) You learn the Bash spell for your staff once done, which lets you crack through the glowing slabs around Azoria and gain access to the Frozen Farm in Frozen Plateau.

Fae Farm is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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