How to Damage Opponents While Infused With Nitro in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
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How to Damage Opponents While Infused With Nitro in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

The new Jumpstart Quests are now live in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and one of the tasks has you damaging an opponent while after being drenched in Nitro. This guide explains how to damage opponents while infused with Nitro in Fortnite.

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Infused Nitro Quest in Fortnite
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How to Get Nitro in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 (Locations)

Nitro is a new item added in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 and can be found as a random drop in chests throughout the map. So, unfortunately, there isn’t a set location where you can find Nitro that is guaranteed. However, the item can generally be found in the new desert wastelands region of the map.

Here are the best locations to find Nitro in Fortnite:

  • Nitrodrome
  • Redline Rig
  • Brutal Beachhead
  • Sandy Steppes
Fortnite Nitro Location Map
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In my game, I was able to find Nitro in the Redline Rig location. The oil rig is the spawn area of the new Machinist Medallion boss in Fortnite. I found the item as an overworld spawn on the bottom level of the rig. I have provided an image below to show what Nitro looks like in Fortnite.

Finding Nitro in Fortnite Redline Rig Location
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However, a guaranteed method to get Nitro in Fortnite is defeating the Megalo Don Medallion boss battle. Unfortunately, the medallion constantly moves across the map. So, to find it, look for Megalo Don’s icon at the start of your match and then drop down in front of his path. After chasing his vehicle down and defeating him, you can get “infinite Nitro” by equipping his Medallion.

How to Complete the “Damage Opponents While Infused With Nitro” quest in Fortnite

Finding the new item is only half the battle. Now you need to become “infused with Nitro” and damage an opponent with it. Below are the steps to damage opponents with Nitro in Fortnite:

  • Find Nitro as a random chest drop or overworld spawn.
  • Equip Nitro as a weapon and consume it to become infused with flames.
  • Attack an opponent by either sprinting into them and causing an explosion or shooting them while in close quarters.
Infused Nitro in Fortnite
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The first step is the trickiest, as you need to find Nitro. Whether you defeat Megalo Don or find it in a chest drop, you can become infused by pressing “R2” (PlayStation) or “RT” (Xbox). Your character will then become splashed with the nitro.

Using Nitro in Fortnite
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After that, find an opponent and sprint into them. This will cause a mini-explosion. Shooting or hitting them with other weapons will also count as “damage” as long as you are actively “infused” with the Nitro effect.

Infused Nitro in Fortnite 2
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If you fail to do enough damage while infused with Nitro don’t panic. The item generally has multiple uses before it runs out. However, if you want to guarantee you complete the quest, then you might want to get the Megalo Don medallion, as it gives you the power infinitely.

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