How to exchange old tomestones of Causality and Comedy and White Scrips in FFXIV Dawntrail
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How to Exchange Old Tomestones and Scrips in FFXIV

When a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion like Dawntrail appears, it means new currency for players to worry about. While the old currencies are going away, you don’t want to lose them permanently. To avoid this, you can find how to exchange your old Allagan Tomestones of Causality and Comedy and White Scrips in FFXIV Dawntrail below.

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Where do I exchange my old Allagan Tomestones of Causality and Comedy in FFXIV?

Both of the previous tomestones are going away, and you can’t earn them anymore. If you have any old Tomestones of Causality or Comedy, they will be gone forever in the very near future to pave the way for the new currency known as Aesthetics and, later on, Heliometry. Before they are erased forever, it is possible to exchange your old tomestones at the following location:

  • Auriana at Mor Dhona (Revenant’s Toll): X: 22.7, Y: 6.7

Speak with Auriana there and pick the “Tomestone Exchange” option. Unfortunately, she will only give you Poetics in exchange for your old currency.

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Where do I exchange my White Scrips in FFXIV?

For those of you who are my fellow crafters and gatherers, you are not immune from the loss of currency, either. The White Scrips for crafters and gatherers is also going to be erased soon after the launch of FFXIV Dawntrail. You have a small window of time to convert all of your current scrips into Purple Scrips. Purple will now be the lesser form of the new Orange Scrips.

You can convert your White Scrips into Purple ones at the following location:

  • Scrip Exchange at Mor Dhona (Revenant’s Toll) X: 22.4, Y: 6.7

This is pretty much right next to the tomestones exchange lady. Save yourself some time and take care of both at the same time.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is available right now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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