Moonstone Island Psychic Storm
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How to Find a Psychic Storm in Moonstone Island

The Psychic Storm is a phenomenon that occurs regularly in Moonstone Island, and it is the only way to obtain Psychic Spirits and a special crop per season. However, the specific methods of triggering a Psychic Storm are not immediately obvious, and many players could miss them entirely.

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What is a Psychic Storm in Moonstone Island?

A Psychic Storm will occur every night in Moonstone Island, although where it happens changes constantly. A random island somewhere on the map will receive a Psychic Storm, usually from 20:00. It’s marked by a sparkling rain and the presence of a unique crop on the island. Once you find the island with the storm, it will show up on the map with a large purple swirl.

Psychic Storms are the only way to obtain Psychic Spirits, which will appear alongside that island’s usual Spirits for the night. The island will also grow a special crop for each season that can only be found during the storm. Here are the unique crops you can find:

  • Spring: Magic Mushroom, Yarrow
  • Summer: Eye Berry, Tiny Flower
  • Fall: Ghostshroom, Willowisp
  • Winter: Gift Plant, Snowdrop Flower

All these crops can be collected with seeds, and these can then be sold to the Conservatory. This makes the seeds easier to obtain, which is especially useful because of the XP bonuses these crops typically offer.

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How do I find a Psychic Storm more easily?

Psychic Storms appear late at night on a random island, which makes finding them difficult. Due to how short their appearance is, you won’t be able to check every island for the island with the storm. Fortunately, there is a way to find them in a much easier way.

For this, you’ll need a Psychic Sight Potion. Once you have a Cauldron and have found the recipe for the potion, you can cook this up anytime you want. You’ll need a Sea Glass and a Dream Drop, obtained from Water and Psychic Spirits in the Spirit Barn, and a Glass Bottle.

The Psychic Sight Potion will only work after 20:00. Using the potion after this time will then mark the Psychic Storm on your map, so you can head directly there.

Moonstone Island is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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