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How to Find and Catch Xenovader in Palworld

The Sakurajima Island update for Palworld included new Pals for players to catch and breed. Amongst those new Pals, the extraterrestrial beings Selyne, Xenogard, and Xenovader can crash down to the Palpagos Islands. Compared to other Pals in Palworld, these three can be difficult to catch. so here is how to locate and find Xenovader in Palworld:

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Palworld Petting Xenovader
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How do I find Xenovader in Palworld?

Locating Xenovader is similar to finding Xenogard. You must first wait for a meteor to crash to the Palpagos Islands as part of the event added in the Sakurajima update for Palworld. These Meteorite Events allow you to gather the new meteorite material, obtain items from supply drops, and catch the new Pals Xenogard and Xenovader. The screen will flash with red text to indicate when a Meteorite Event is taking place. Once fallen to the map, the meteorite will be represented by a meteor icon.

Palworld Xenovader caught
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However, being a part of these Meteorite Events makes it difficult to catch Xenovader. Meteorite Events happen based on a RNG system. This means you will have to wait until Xenovader randomly spawns at one of the meteorite crash sites. If Xenovader doesn’t appear at the Meteorite Event, clear out the meteor crash site. I find this will give you a higher chance of another event occurring faster.

How do I catch Xenogard in Palworld?

Compared to Xenogard, fighting Xenovader doesn’t require your best equipment or Pals to catch. Its health isn’t that of an Alpha Boss when they spawn unlike Xenogard. Instead, their levels are based on where the meteor crashed in the Palpagos Islands. This makes the battle a lot easier to manage. However, two or more Xenovaders spawn at a time for you to fight.

Xenovader is a Dark type Pal with attacks that deal dark damage to Pals. Due to its Dark elemental type, its biggest weakness is Dragon type Pals. Make sure to bring Dragon Pals with you when excavating a meteor crash site. Below is a list of Dragon type Pals you can equip to aid in battle:

  • Blazmut Ryu
  • Jetragon
  • Quivern
Palworld Xenovader Stats
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While bringing the best equipment isn’t required to take on the extraterrestrial Pal, I recommend equipping high quality Pal Spheres such as the Hyper, Ultra, or Legendary Spheres. These spheres will increase the chance of subduing Xenovader when it has higher health.

Although new Pals roam the Palpagos Islands, the Sakurajima Island encompasses new base buildings, raid events, and more levels to Palworld. Explore everything this new update has to offer in Palworld on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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