Where to get the Volcanic Guitar for Retsuko in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
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How to Get a Hello Kitty Island Adventure Volcanic Guitar for Retsuko

The Volcanic Guitar is Retsuko’s favorite Three-Heart gift in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, though it takes some work to track down. Here’s where to find the Volcanic Guitar, including an exact map location showing which route to take.

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Where do I find the Volcanic Guitar in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

As its name implies, the Volcanic Guitar is found inside the Mount Hothead volcano in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. You need to have the Fishing Rod unlocked, which is given to you by Badtz-Maru via the “Keep It Reel” quest after reaching Friendship Level 3 with him.

Once you have the Fishing Rod, go inside Mount Hothead via the Caldera entrance in the northern section of the mountain. Take an immediate right and climb the wall to reach a little outcrop with a small lava pool. From here, glide over to the southeast using your balloons and grab onto the wall. Climb up and follow the path south until you reach a lava river.

Cast your Fishing Rod into the lava river. While this may leave you scratching your head, there are actually fish living here. Wait until a fish bites, and reel in your line to pull out a fish and the Volcanic Guitar! If you don’t see fish shadows after casting your line out, move to the left slightly and try again.

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Giving the Volcanic Guitar to Retsuko will award you a large amount of Friendship Level XP with her and seven balls of Dough.

How to craft the Volcanic Guitar

You can craft multiple Volcanic Guitars to help you rank up your Friendship with Retsuko if you obtain the Volcanic Guitar Crafting Plans. These plans are given to you by TOPHAT after reaching Friendship Level 4 with him.

Once you have the Volcanic Guitar Plans, you’ll need the following materials to craft a Volcanic Guitar at a Crafting Table:

  • 2 Ingot.
  • 2 Spark.
  • 1 Mechanism.

Don’t forget to bring Chococat along as your Buddy when crafting for the chance to receive an extra Volcanic Guitar.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available now exclusively on Apple Arcade for iOS and Mac devices.

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