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How to Get All Hats in Palworld

Equipment in Palworld could be the difference between surviving and meeting an immediate end to a powerful Pal. Fortunately, the game offers plenty of options to choose from in different regions of the Palpagos Islands. This guide will show you how to locate, buy, and craft hats in Palworld.

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Small Settlement

Palworld Small Settlement location
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Visiting Small Settlement will most likely be your first contact with humans that are not Devotees. Travel west from the Plateau of Beginnings to find a merchant clothed in red. You will be able to purchase the following hats from them:

Bowler Hat Schematic 1500Cloth x15
Farming Hat Schematic 1500Fiber x30
Wood x 10
Gumoss Cap Schematic 1500Gumoss Leaf x5
Long-eared Headband Schematic 1500Cloth x12
Ingot x2
Penking Cap Schematic 1500Penking Plume x5
Ribbuny Headband Schematic 1500Ribbuny Ribbon x5
Tocotoco Cap Schematic 1500Tocotoco Feather x5
Witch Hat Schematic 1500Cloth x10
Ingot x3

Fisherman’s Point

Palworld Fisherman's Point Location
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Fishersman’s Point is located in the southern region of Mount Obsidian. This scorching biome will slowly cause heat damage as you explore the area. Be sure to wear heat resistant clothing as you search for the Wandering Merchant. These items can be purchased from them:

Dazzi Hat Schematic 1500Dazzi Cloud x5
Golden Crown  Schematic 1500Ingot x5
Graduate Cap Schematic 1500Cloth x20
Fiber x10
Helmet Schematic 1500Ingot x20
Wool x5
Killamari Cap  Schematic 1500Killimari Tentacle x5
Monarch’s Crown  Schematic 1500Cloth x3
Ingot x20
Swee Cap  Schematic 1500Swee Hair x5


Palworld Duneshelter location
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The Duneshelter is a settlement located in the northern section of the map. Similar to Fisherman’s Point, equip yourself with heat resistant clothing to avoid slowly being drained of health as you buy them from the Wandering Merchant.

Exploration Cap Schematic 1500Cloth x10
Ingot x2
Leather x3
Grinning Tocotoco Cap Schematic 1500Tocotoco Feather x5
Katress Cap Schematic 1500Katress Hair x5
Leezpunk Hood Schematic 1500Leezpunk Crest x5
Silk Hat Schematic 1500Cloth x15
Soft Hat Schematic 1500Cloth x10
Fiber x10
Tricorne Schematic 1500Leather x10

Desolate Church

Palworld desolate church location
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With the Sakurajima Island update, Pocketpair added a new currency named Dog Coin. Dog Coins are used to buy items from the new merchant in the Desolate Church. Buy the following hats with the new currency:

Cattiva Hat50 Dog Coin
Cawgnito Hat50 Dog Coin
Dumud Helm50 Dog Coin
Lamball Helm50 Dog Coin
Lyleen Floral Cap50 Dog Coin
Sibelyx Hat50 Dog Coin

Tower and Raid Boss Hats

Saya and Selyne art Palworld
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In the Sakurajima Island update, Pocketpair added a new difficulty for each Tower boss in Palworld. To obtain the following hats, you must defeat each Tower boss in Hard Mode.

HatsTower Boss/ Raid Boss
Axel HatAxel and Orserk
Horns of SupremacyBlazamut Ryu
Lily HatLily and Lyleen
Marcus HatMarcus and Faleris
Saya HatSaya and Selyne
Victor HatVictor and Shadowbeak

Technology Point Helms

Palworld Technology Points Helms
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While buying schematics from Wandering Merchants grants great gear, you can acquire headgear by leveling up your character. Acquire the following helms with Technology Points:

HelmLevelTechnology PointsMaterial
Feathered Hair Band102Fiber x10
Paldium Fragment x5
Legendary Feathered Hair Band10Ancient Civilization Parts x13
Fiber x67
Paldium Fragment x33
Metal Helm232Ingot x20
Paldium Fragment x10
Legendary Metal Helm23Ancient Civilization Parts x135
Ingot x67
Paldium Fragment x14
Refined Metal Helm373Paldium Fragment x15
Refined Ingot x20
Legendary Refined Metal Helm37Ancient Civilization Parts x17
Paldium Fragment x100
Refined Ingot x135
Pal Metal Helmet464Paldium Fragment x20
Pal Metal Ingot x20
Legendary Pal Metal Helmet46Ancient Civilization Parts x19
Paldium Fragment x135
Pal Metal Ingot x135
Plasteel Helmet514Pal Metal Ingot x40
Plasteel x40

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