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How to Get and Use The Witcher 3 REDkit for Mods

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is renowned for its rich storytelling and immersive world. For players looking to expand the Witcher 3 experience, CD Projekt RED has released the REDkit modding tool.

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The REDkit is a reworked version of the engine that CD Projekt RED used to make The Witcher 3. Because of this, the REDkit will offer enthusiasts the ability to create incredibly high quality mods for Witcher 3. From tweaking small game elements to designing entirely new quests and cutscenes, the REDkit should be capable of it all.

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How do I start modding with the Witcher 3 REDkit?

To start, you need to download the REDkit toolset. It’s available directly through the storefronts of Epic Games, GOG and Steam. You’ll obviously want to download it from wherever one you bought The Witcher 3 from to make things easy. Ensure you have the latest version, to ensure compatibility with the game.

The installation process is straightforward, but make sure you have The Witcher 3 installed on your computer. The toolset needs to integrate with the game files. You may need to specify the path to your game directory.

The REDkit interface can be complex for beginners. Spend some time exploring the various menus and options. Start with a simple project to get the hang of the toolset. Familiarity with programming will help too, it’s a lot to dive into with no experience.

You can create new quests, characters, or even entire regions. You can also modify existing game content. For example, you can tweak character abilities, change item properties, or adjust environmental elements.

For more advanced modders, the REDkit offers scripting capabilities. This allows you to implement complex mechanics and interactions within the game. The REDkit also includes tools for in-game testing, allowing you to see changes in real-time and debug any issues.

You can also view a far more in-depth user guide created by CD Projekt RED.

Do I need REDkit to play The Witcher 3 mods too?

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For those looking simply to play the mods, don’t worry. You don’t need to do anything extra. Simply head to Nexus Mods or the Steam Workshop to find mods you want and follow the installation instructions there. No REDkit needed unless you want to make your own mods.

At this time CD Projekt RED says there are no plans to bring mods to consoles. So unfortunately, mods and the REDkit are only available on the PC.

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