How to Get and Use Wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis
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How to Get and Use Wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis allows for players to personalize their Home screen with the ability to set their own animated wallpapers. These feature various Final Fantasy VII characters and enemies. As players progress through Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, they will be able to earn more to further customize their Home screens, creating a unique experience for each player. This guide will show players how to get and use wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis.

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How to Get Wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis

Three wallpapers are already available to use when starting FFVII Ever Crisis. The three available ones are “Welcome,” which features Zack Fair from Crisis Core FFVII, “Before the Mission,” which features Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace from FFVII, and “Team Glen’s First Mission,” which features Glenn Lodbrok, Lucia Lin, and Matt Winsord from FFVII The First Soldier.

Additional wallpapers are obtainable through various methods in the game. Players can earn them through the Premium Hunt path of the Season Pass. The Season Pass currently costs $13.99. FFVII Ever Crisis offers these as rewards for completing Events. Players can also earn wallpapers by raising the rarity value of certain weapons through the Overboost function when enhancing weapons.

How to Get and Use Wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis

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How to Use Wallpapers in FFVII Ever Crisis

On the Home Screen, a button with three dashes is visible in the right-hand corner of the screen. By selecting this button, it will open up the Menu. Scroll down to the “Info” section and select “Wallpaper” to bring up the “Wallpaper Settings.” This menu shows all available wallpapers, both obtained and locked. Players can select the “+” symbol on the left-hand side of the screen to place the wallpapers in their chosen order. Only four wallpapers can be set at a time. Players can also choose to randomize the selection by selecting the “Random” option.

Players can press and hold each thumbnail of the wallpapers to view information on how to unlock them. By pressing the small square button within the wallpaper image, players can preview the animation of that wallpaper.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available to play on Android and iOS devices.

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