Pokemon Masters How to Get Started

How to Get Started in Pokemon Masters

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If you’re looking for another mobile Pokemon experience, look no further than Pokemon Masters. Tailored to audiences that are interested in character collection, Pokemon Masters lets players grab fan favorites and their signature Pokemon. As someone who enjoys this kind of gacha, and anything remotely turn based, I absolutely adore Masters. While the game isn’t traditionally turn based, it more or less functions on an ATB system where players can charge up their bars to perform attacks or support skills. With that brief introduction out of the way, I’ll be going over some key points you will want to keep in mind when starting or returning to the app.

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First, do all of the Main Story quests immediately or finish ones that you haven’t completed. Completing the Main Story not only nets you free characters to add to your roster, but upon completing Interlude 1, you will be able to participate in co-op missions with other players. Unlike other gacha games, the free characters given to players are absolutely worth investing in.

That brings me to my next point. Do not underestimate Rosa. After completing Chapter 1, you will be given Rosa for free. She is an invaluable support to any player, as her Snivy (and its subsequent evolutions) is extremely tanky and has a support skill that will let you charge your move bar quickly. Investing in Rosa will pay off in the short and long term. With “Time to Energize,” she is always a welcome addition to any team when participating in co-op missions.

Do your Courses. Courses allow players to farm level up and enhancement materials, along with coins and pearls. There is no stamina in Pokemon Masters, so you can farm these to your heart’s content. Every course gives a specific material or level up item to level up your Sync Pairs, unlock their level caps, and teach them skills and passives. With a few hours of grinding, you will be able to max out the Sync Pairs of your choice and tackle Ultra Hard difficulty with no problem. Remember that Pokemon Masters also has an auto feature, so you can leave the game running while you do something else.

Participate in Events. This includes Type Training Events and anything that will allow you to reap rewards. Don’t worry about not being able to complete the Very Hard courses immediately. Participation will generally net you valuable power up materials and more importantly, gems. Gems are an extremely valuable resource that allow you to roll for characters not obtainable through the story. Additionally, events can also net you Legendary Sync Pairs like Giovanni and Mewtwo just through participation.

Don’t be afraid to invest in characters you like. A team can be anything! As long as you enjoy the characters on your team, you’ll honestly have a great time. While more characters are viable than others (especially in content that favors Type Advantages), you can still enjoy Pokemon Masters without digging into your wallet to roll for the latest characters. Like mentioned above, level up materials aren’t limited and getting said materials isn’t stamina dependent.

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