Pokemon Masters Battle Villa Update

Sygna Suit Red and Charizard Join Pokemon Masters Alongside Battle Villa Update

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Numerous updates have hit Pokemon Masters! As part of the sixth month anniversary celebration, along with the 24th anniversary of the Pokemon series, the mobile title has received a handful of new additions. This includes two new Sync Pairs and the Battle Villa. Players can Sync Pair Scout for Sygna Suit Red and Charizard, as well as Elesa and Rotom. But more importantly, the Battle Villa is now available and players will finally be able to obtain Lucky Skills.

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Let’s get to the updates right away! For 24th anniversary of the Pokemon series, all players will receive 3,000 gems as a reward for playing Pokemon Masters. This means that any player that joins during this time will receive one free ten pull. Alongside this is another Poke Fair event, which means that pity currency can be obtained through consecutive single and ten pulls, so don’t fret if you’re not able to get the Sync Pair you want immediately. With enough endurance (and gems), you’ll be able to pick the Pair of your choice.

As part of the six-month anniversary celebration, Sygna Suit Red and Charizard are now available for players to Sync Pair Scout. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to scout this pair you will receive a bonus present. Pulling this pair will net you Sync Orbs. Scouting the Pair a total of five times will net you 500 Sync Orbs in total. Sygna Suit Red and Charizard are a Poke Fair exclusive Pair as well, so they will only be available for a limited time. You can check out footage of this Sync Pair in action below.

Let’s move onto the most exciting addition–the Battle Villa! The Battle Villa will allow players to create a roster of up to nine Sync Pairs to send into the Villa to take on specialized challenges. This is fairly difficult content and will test the synergy of some of your Sync Pairs, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t make it very far initially. Special prizes are given to players that complete Milestone Rewards, some of these being unique items that players can use to get Lucky Skills. You will need to have beaten Chapter 7 in Pokemon Masters‘ story to access the Battle Villa.

A new event is also underway that features Sygna Suit Elesa and Rotom. By participating in the event, you can gain travel tokens and use them to travel the event map. Traveling through this map can net you some pretty valuable rewards like Elite Four Notes. So if you’re looking to gather materials this event is for you!

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. As a reminder, you can still claim the Professor Oak and Mew Sync Pair until March 15, 2020.

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