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Pokemon Masters Will Have Sync Pair Teams That Are “A Bit Surprising”

By Alistair . July 24, 2019 . 4:00pm

In an exclusive interview with Famitsu, Pokemon Masters producer Yuu Sasaki talked about the story, sync pair teams, as well as how microtransactions will work in the game.

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Pokemon Masters Preregistration Begins, Singapore And Canada Soft Launches Announced

By Jenni . July 23, 2019 . 9:58pm

Pokemon Masters preregistration is now open. Singapore and Canada getting preview versions of the game with save data that can carry over to the full version soon.

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Pokemon Masters Sync Pair Stories Introduced With An Iris And Haxorus Clip

By Jenni . July 18, 2019 . 6:30am

Pokemon Masters sync pair stories unlock when players befriend trainers and their Pokemon, giving them a chance to talk to the duo one-on-one and choose different responses in conversations. The first clip shows off Iris and Haxorus’ sync pair story.

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Pokemon Masters Reveals Summer 2019 Launch Window Alongside A Special Anime Short

By Alistair . June 27, 2019 . 7:10am

The official introductory video for the basics of upcoming smartphone title Pokemon Masters is now online, and it comes with a short four-minute animation. Several new screenshots are also now available.

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Pokemon Masters Presentation Set For June 27, 2019

By Jenni . June 25, 2019 . 6:45am

A Japanese Pokemon Masters presentation will air on June 27, 2019 and spend eight minutes going over the upcoming game.

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Pokemon Masters Is A Smartphone Title Featuring All Your Favorite Trainers

By Alistair . May 28, 2019 . 6:42pm

At Pokemon Press Conference 2019, The Pokemon Company announced Pokémon Masters, a smartphone title co-developed with DeNA which features trainers across the series as the main focus.

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