Pokemon Masters EX Adds Sygna Suit Blue, Red, and Leaf to Sync Pair Scouts

Pokemon Masters EX Sygna Suit Blue Leaf

Pokemon Masters EX has added Sygna Suit Blue, Red, and Leaf to the Sync Pair Scout banner for a limited time. This is to celebrate the one year anniversary of Pokemon Masters and the new re-branding to Pokemon Masters EX. The individual Sygna Suit Blue and Blastoise and Sygna Suit Green and Venusaur banners will last until September 28, 2020.

While Sygna Suit Red was already introduced some time ago, this is the first time Sygna Suit Blue and Leaf are available to summon. However, these trainers were teased in a previously released YouTube video from the official Pokemon YouTube channel. Unlike their normal variants, Sygna Suit Blue and Leaf will come with evolved versions of the starters associated with them – in this case, Blue will have Balstoise and Green will have Venusaur.

You can watch the showcase for Sygna Suit Blue and Green in Pokemon Masters EX below:

In addition to this, other features that were previously announced have been added to Pokemon Masters EX in this update. This includes the solo training event Training With Legends and the Champion Stadium. By competing in the Champion Stadium against Kanto’s Elite Four, players will receive items that will allow them to increase their five star sync pairs to six stars. You can read more about these updates in our story covering the one-year anniversary.

Players will want to log in during this time if they haven’t already to collect 3,000 gems. All players that show up during this period will receive this reward, among others. This will give them enough to do a 10x summon on either the Sygna Suit Red, Blue, or Green Sync Pair Scout banners.

Pokemon Masters EX is immediately available for Android and iOS devices.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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