Summer Seasonal Scouts Are Available in Pokemon Masters for a Limited Time

Summer Seasonal Scouts Pokemon Masters

Summer Seasonal Scouts are now available in Pokemon Masters for a limited time. Summer Seasonal Lyra and Jigglypuff along with Steven and Alolan Sandslash are part of the Summer Seasonal Sync Pair Scout. Players will be able to test their luck on the respective Sync Pair Scout banners until August 16, 2020.

In addition to this, a limited time event is currently underway. The Summer Superstars event map will give players the opportunity to get sync orbs for both Lyra and Jigglypuff, and for Steven and Alolan Sandslash as well. Similar to other event maps, players will need to clear areas and exchange tokens for prizes—one of which is a map that will let players progress to the next area.

In regards to the Summer Seasonal Scouts in Pokemon Masters and their respective Sync Pair Scout banners, there is a pity currency system for these banners. So with enough pulls you will be able to get yourself Lyra and Jigglypuff or Steven and Alolan Sandslash, depending on what Sync Pair Scout banner you have rolled on.

Recent changes have also come to Pokemon Masters, such as the removal of Supercourses and the addition of the Training Area. A new stamina system has been implemented for the Training Area along with limited participation in each Area as well. However, players can now farm Sync Orbs and Evolution Materials daily.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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