Latest Pokemon Masters Training Area Added, Supercourses Removed

Pokemon Masters Training Area Supercourses

The Pokemon Masters Training Area update will result in Supercourses being removed in favor of the new feature. In addition, a new stamina system will be implemented for this area. Players will no longer be able to farm for upgrade materials indefinitely, with the exception of the limited daily courses. However, a new feature will be implemented that players will potentially be pleased with is the addition of the Sync Orb Training Area. Players can now get Sync Orbs from this new Training Area. This opens up a new way to get Sync Orbs and for players to max out their boards without relying on events on having to use Sync Moves consistently through battles.

Additionally, another new area is the Evolution Material Area. Players can also begin to grind away for Evolution Materials, and they will no longer need to be reliant on redeem Evolution Materials through daily reward vouchers. This will allow players to be less frugal with the Sync Pairs they’d like to evolve. However, the official Pokemon Masters Twitter didn’t go into detail about the rate in which the items will drop in this new Training Area. Players will still be able to farm Level-Up materials and Cap-Unlock materials without the Supercourses, so those options are not going anywhere.

This is one of many scheduled updates that will be arriving in Masters throughout the rest of July and August. Other updates include the addition of the Legendary Pokemon Palkia to the Legendary Arena, and the Champion Stadium. Players will be able to test their teams against members of the Elite Four and various Champions from the different regions in the Pokemon series with this new, upcoming feature.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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