Major Updates to Pokemon Masters Will Be Arriving Late August

Pokemon Masters August Updates

Major updates to Pokemon Masters will be arriving sometime in late August 2020. As the one year anniversary of the game inches closer, there are plenty of new developments on the horizon. While the members of the team weren’t exactly clear as to when some of these updates will hit the mobile game, they gave a pretty thorough breakdown of some upcoming features.

A new Bug-Type egg event is on the horizon. Through the Pokemon egg feature, players will be able to hatch Scyther and Pincer from Pokemon eggs dropped through this upcoming event. Players also have the chance of hatching a shiny Scyther or Pincer. The chances are rare, so you may have to grind out eggs if you’re determined to get a shiny Pokemon. The team suggested players take Bug-Type Sync Pairs into the event battles, as this will increase the rate of eggs dropping.

Summer Seasonal Sync Pairs are on the way. The only officially announced Summer Seasonal Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters is Steven Stone and Alolan Sandslash, though the developers assure players that one more Summer Sync Pair will appear this year as well.

Type Skills will be added into the game through an update scheduled for late July. Type Skills will encourage players to use at least two of the same Type of Sync Pairs in battle. Upon having at minimum two of the same Type of Sync Pairs, a skill will activate, strengthening those Sync Pairs. Other team-based enhancements are being worked on as well.

Players will be able to fight the Legendary Pokemon Palkia as part of the one year anniversary of Pokemon Masters. Additionally, the previously mentioned Champion Stadium will be added as well. Through this new mode, players will be able to challenge Elite Four members and Champions from other regions to find new ways to strengthen their Sync Pairs.

Additionally, in late July, Pokemon Masters will be adding a stamina system to specific battles. They will be taking feedback on the implementation of this feature.

There are plenty of updates coming to Pokemon Masters this August. If you’re looking to get back into the game, they are plenty of new Sync Pairs that have been added. These include Morty and Drifblim, Red and Charizard, and plenty more.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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