Serena and Fennekin Will Be Added To Pokemon Masters Alongside Serena’s Dessert Party Event

Serena Fennekin Pokemon Masters

Serena and Fennekin will be joining the roster of Pokemon Masters alongside a new upcoming event. The official Pokemon Masters Twitter account teased the addition of the new Sync Pair. This Sync Pair will be released alongside the Serena’s Dessert Party story event. No information about the event has been released as of yet.

Like other starter Pokemon Sync Pairs, you will be able to evolve Fennekin. This means that players will be able to evolve Fennekin to Braixen, and to then Delphox–the final evolution. Delphox does not currently have a Mega Evolution, so that will more than likely be out of the question when this Fire Type Sync Pair is released. If you’re looking for a Fire Type Tech Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters, Serena and Fennekin may be of interest to you.

The most recent update to Pokemon Masters made it possible to hatch shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Eggs. In addition to this, any Pokemon hatched from Pokemon Eggs can become the player character’s designated Sync Pair Pokemon. While only a handful of Pokemon have been released, more are scheduled to be implemented in future updates.

Pokemon Masters is immediately available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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