Pokemon Masters’ Professor Oak Has a Mew as His Buddy


After lots of teases and a live-action trailer showing hints at the original Pokemon Professor ready to step back into action, a legend has returned. Pokemon Masters Professor Oak Sync Pair has arrived. Even better is knowing he is accompanied by an unexpected friend. The Mythical Pokemon Mew is his partner! The two arrive as a three-star unit.

All you need to get Pokemon Masters’ Professor Oak & Mew Sync Pair is log into the game by March 15, 2020 and have completed its first chapter. He’ll immediately join your party as part of the game’s Six-Months Celebration. You can then go through the duo’s special missions if you have beaten the game’s second chapter. Tackling those will get you the items needed to boost them from a three-star to a five-star pair, get the Custom Training Machines needed to alter their moveset, and increase the power of their Sync Move.

In addition to the free Professor Oak & Mew Sync Pair, a number of other rewards are being doled out to Pokemon Masters players as part of the Six-Months Celebration. Most notable is the ability to accrue 3,000 gems. In the game, a 10-pull on a banner costs exactly 3,000 gems.

In addition to the Pokemon Masters Professor Oak & Mew reveal, Steven & Metagross have been added. To acquire him, you need to pull on his banner, which will be around until March 15, 2020. His “The Strongest There Is” Story Event is also active while the banner is live.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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