How to Get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade
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How to Get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade

In Stellar Blade, Victoins are an important currency that can be used to purchase new Nano Suits, Gear, and Items for EVE. This guide will explain how to get Vitcoins in Stellar Blade and the best method to farm them.

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Vitcoin in Stellar Blade Menu
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Where to Find Vitcoins in Stellar Blade

Vitcoins are a rare currency in Stellar Blade that can be found in chests or given out as rewards for side quests. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy method to get them in the game until New Game Plus. However, we are going to break down where you can get your hands on the currency below.

Here is where you can get Vitcoin in Stellar Blade:

  • Chests in the Overworld
  • Overworld drop (can be found using EVE’s scan function)
  • Completing Side Quests (reward)
  • Progressing and completing main story quests
Stellar Blade Vitcoin reward Side Quest
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From my experience, after spending 60 hours in the game, the best method to farm Bitcoin in Stellar Blade is completing Side Quests from the Xion Request List board. While not every quest has Vitcoin as a reward, you will get quite a bit of them by completing these requests.

You can find the Xion Request List Board on the map below:

Stellar Blade Request List location
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The other method is just progressing the main story. As you explore the map, you will find Vitcoins in the overworld and inside of chests, etc. I naturally found myself with over 50 of them after a few hours of playing the campaign.

EVE Xion Request List Stellar Blade
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Best Vitcoin Farm Method in Stellar Blade New Game Plus

However, the absolute best Vitcoin farm method in Stellar Blade is using the Enhancement Material Shop in the Wasteland. The special store is run by a robot named SP0-tt2r, who is located next to D1G-g2r in the desert region.

Stellar Blade Enhancement Material Shop
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SP0-tt2r will purchase extra Weapon Cores, Body Cores, Tumbler Expansions, and Omnibolts from you for Vitcoin. The only problem with this is that the feature is only accessible after you beat the game. Even then, enhancement materials such as weapon cores are extremely rare. Most players will want to use them to permanently increase their skills, even in a New Game Plus run.

So, realistically, this shop is only meant for hardcore players who are on their 3rd or 4th run of the game and no longer need to increase their stats. Still, I thought I would mention the Vitcoin store, just in case.

How to Use Vitcoins in Stellar Blade

Vitcoins are a special currency that is used to buy rare items at stores in Stellar Blade. Their main use is to purchase Nano Suits for EVE. You can then change EVE’s appearance by swapping out the new attire. For more on that, check out our All Outfits in Stellar Blade (& How to Unlock Nano Suits) guide.

Here is what Vitoin is used for in Stellar Blade:

  • Nano Suits
  • Gear
  • Enhancement Material
Vitcoin Nano Suit purchase Stellar Blade
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Stellar Blade is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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