How to Make a Fishing Rod to Fish in Atelier Ryza 3

How to Make a Fishing Rod to Fish in Atelier Ryza 3

Given Ryza lives on Kurken Island, you’ll see lots of places to fish. However, if you’re wondering how to actually fish in Atelier Ryza 3, you’ll first need to make a Fishing Rod. But since this requires Alchemy Fibers, which itself requires a fishy ingredient, you either need to cough up some Cole or wait until you get to the Kark Isles to make one.

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How to Make a Fishing Rod to Fish in Atelier Ryza 3
If you want to make one early, which is understandable because everyone wants to access as many gathering options as possible, you’ll need about 35 Cole. Head to the dock areas of Kurken and buy the 35 Cole Pretty Shells. Get two, just in case, because Alchemy Fibers can come in handy and you might need more later.

How to Make a Fishing Rod to Fish in Atelier Ryza 3
Then, head to the Sunken Mine and go to the Evileater Tree Shore fast travel point. You’re looking for a green bush here. Use a Grass Sickle on it. This will get you Cotton Grass.

Once you have both of those items, head to Pixie Forest and use a Woodcutter’s Axe on one of the logs on the ground. This will get you a Tough Log.

Return to Ryza’s atelier and you can start to make a Fishing Rod to fish in Atelier Ryza 3. First, make the Alchemy Fibers with the Pretty Shells and the Cotton Grass. After that’s done, head to the Fishing Rod recipe. It only calls for the Tough Log and Alchemy Fibers.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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