How to Make the Most of the SINoALICE NieR: Automata Collaboration Event

SINoALICE NieR: Automata Collaboration Event

The SINoALICE NieR: Automata collaboration event is upon us! While we have plenty of time to grind out rewards, and even pull in the limited time banner to get characters like 9S or A2, there are more than enough rewards in the shop to keep players grinding for hours. This guide will instruct you on how to best prioritize your time with the NieR: Automata collaboration event. As a reminder, you will get 2B Breaker by simply logging into the game, so unless if you want 2B Crusher, you won’t need to roll in order to get her.

First, you might be wondering if it is worth rolling on the NieR: Automata collaboration event banner. Well, that’s entirely up to you. If, however, you’re looking to best maximize your use of gems, it is important to consider what role you’re taking in Colosseum battles with your guild. If you’re taking a more DPS-based role, then the Automata banner is worth throwing a few pulls at. However, if you’re taking more of a supportive role like a Cleric, it is arguably best to save your gems for the Replicant collaboration. Emil Cleric is great, but Devola and Popola Cleric are the better choice in this scenario.

In order to maximize the amount of NieR medals per event quest, you will want to immediately redeem one copy of the Iron Pipe weapon. However, unless if you are really set on Limit Breaking every event exclusive item, I would not recommend getting duplicates of that weapon until the very end. Make sure to equip the Iron Pipe to 2B while participating in event quests, as specialty weapons will have an increased effect in the NieR: Automata event specific quests. The Iron Pipe specifically will increase the amount of medals dropped through these quests, so equipping it to min-max your time spent is essential.

You’re probably wonder what items should be prioritized in the shop. The NieR: Automata collaboration event armor is essential and should be prioritized. Make sure to grab all pieces of that set, as it will give you a nice boost in defense since it is one of two armor sets that start at A rank, and it is better to grab the NieR collaboration armor with the event medals over spending your Charm medals on the Misery armor set.

That being said, event medals should also be used to redeem armor evolution materials. Bird masks are fairly coveted right now, and grabbing the eight masks should be prioritized. Other upgrade materials should be grabbed as well for weapon evolution, since they’re fairly essential for optimized Colosseum play and will help increase your total points after enough subsequent leveling.

Naturally, event medals should also be used to redeem Twilight Crystals. This precious in-game currency can be redeemed up to 100 times, giving you 100 Twilight Crystals. Which is essentially one-third of a single roll on any of the banners.

The SINoALICE Nier: Automata collaboration event will last until August 6, 2020. This will give players plenty of time to collect everything they need. While min-maxing isn’t necessary, the tips above might be useful to anyone that wants to assure that they get all of the medals they need for the items they want.

If you’re just getting started in SINoALICE, we also have a guide that covers all of the basics. This includes how to best utilize your first free gacha roll and other helpful tips on how to get through the first chapters of the game.

SINoALICE is immediately available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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