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How to Play as a Phantom in Among Us

There are a few new roles for players to check out with the June 2024 update of Among Us. While two of them are for the Crewmates, one of them is also for the Impostors’ side. This vital new Impostor role is the Phantom, which is one of my favorite roles in Among Us at this time.

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How does the Phantom Role work in Among Us?

The Phantom is one of the few Impostor roles available in this game. How it works is the Phantom player is essentially like an assassin in a way. You are able to use stealth to hide from the other players anywhere you are, without the need for a vent or anything like that.

The main purpose for this Phantom role is to hide after eliminating one of the Crewmates. This lets the player immediately disappear, which is great in case another player is nearby and could have potentially seen the killer running away from the body.

How to play as the Phantom in Among Us
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Best tips for playing as a Phantom

The goal with the Phantom is to smartly use your camouflage ability in Among Us. You don’t want to constantly use this ability, as you want to save it for whenever you take out another player. In addition, you want to be careful because like the vents, someone will know you’re the Phantom if they see you disappear.

Just as important as it is to carefully know when to use your Phantom ability, it is also crucial to know when to deactivate it. You also don’t want someone to see you come back from being invisible. That would also spell danger for you. It is best to get far away from the dead body you took out, but reach a secluded area, then deactivate your skill. This way, you can then meet up with someone else on the other side of the map and have a slight alibi of sorts for whenever someone discovers the body you took out.

The Tracker role is now available in Among Us for free on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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