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How to Play as a Tracker in Among Us

Innersloth dropped a brand new Among Us update, and it comes with a few new roles for players to check out as both a Crewmate and Impostor. One of the new Crewmate roles is the Tracker, which is by far one of the most valuable for is team. Find out how to play as the Tracker in Among Us with our tips below.

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How to Play as Tracker in Among Us
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How does the Tracker Role work in Among Us?

The Tracker is one of the most useful roles you can get while on the Crewmates side. How it works is you have a tracking device you can put on one of the players in the game. The device will then work like the Admin area in the original Skeld map, except it is much more mobile and freeing.

You can see where the person who you are tracking is at all times, no matter where you are. You don’t have to go to a specific location like Admin to see where that person might be. This is a great and super helpful role, if the player uses it in a smart way.

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Best tips for playing as a Tracker in Among Us

Since the Tracker is such an important role for the Crewmates in Among Us, it is imperative you use it well. What I like to do is use my tracking device on the most suspicious person around. This way, you can know where they are. For instance, if someone says a body was found in Medbay and you noticed them in Medbay for a while, that is great information.

In addition, you can use this as a way to verify someone’s testimony. If they claim they were in Cafeteria doing tasks, but you saw the person you’re tracking in Electrical instead, that is worth pointing out. Of course, this all only works well if you gain the trust of the other players and watch out for someone lying and trying to claim to be the Tracker. While it is possible to run into fake Trackers, it is best to keep your role secret until you know for a fact someone is likely an Impostor.

The Tracker role is now available in Among Us for free on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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