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How to Quickly Earn Grilla in Harvestella

Harvestella Grilla Guide

Grilla is without a doubt one of the most important resources in Harvestella, mostly because that’s the equivalent to your standard JRPG currency in the whimsical RPG-farming simulator hybrid. In order to reap the rewards of your harvest, you will need Grilla to buy seeds, upgrades to your humble farm, and even craft better weapons for your excursions into the world at large. This guide will be outlining some ways to consistently and quickly rake in Grilla in

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That said, there are a few avenues to acquire Grilla so don’t feel locked in to any one method. And make sure to dedicate time to whatever method works best for you!

Harvestella Grilla

Farming and Fishing

Perhaps the most straightforward way of obtaining Grilla is through farming and fishing. Farming is extremely straightforward, but there’s a little more to it when min-maxing your profits. Crops will change mostly every season, so make sure to plan according for the upcoming harvest. For example, Carrops can be grown during Spring and Summer, but not in any other season. They also take only one day to grow, which can yield quick profits. But to truly benefit from your harvest, considering buying Cucumbles and every season’s equivalent. Cucumbles may cost more, with each seed at 370 Grilla, but the crop can be harvested repeatedly for 200 Grilla a pop. And with each season lasting 30 days, you can quickly recoup the costs and have consistent profit coming in from your crops.

The next method is fishing. You can obtain a fishing pole by purchasing Fishing Knowledge from the General Store for 800 Grilla. Grabbing this early on is ideal, since you can fish in a plethora of locations throughout the world. Your farm, for example, has a single fishing spot that can be used every day which makes for a great way to quickly make Grilla while exploring or just wanting to pass time. It also eats up a small amount of stamina, so it’s perfect for those who have just started the game and don’t have access to their kitchen yet.

Harvestella Grilla


At a costly 2,000 Grilla investment, you can unlock cooking in Harvestella. It only takes a day after purchasing your kitchen for it to become accessible in your house, but it’s more than worth it. Outside of providing a way to make filling food items that will help regenerate stamina, you can sell those cooked dishes for a pretty penny. It isn’t the most profitable way to make a quick buck, but if you have access to ingredients on hand, you can quickly make food and sell them alongside your usual choice of crops or fish.

Just remember that cooking meals does make time pass a fair amount if you’re whipping up more than one dish. So if you’re looking to make the most out of your time farming and fishing will be your best bet.


Dungeons and other areas are available to explore in Harvestella. These areas not only allow you to sometimes pick up valuable cooking ingredients and random seed drops, but enemies can drop items that can be sold for Grilla. This isn’t as consistent as farming for example, but is all part of min-maxing since you’ll want to head out and fight monsters while you’re waiting for your crops to yield valuable produce. So don’t forget to leave your farm and explore the great yonder if you have the time!

Harvestella is available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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