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How to Redeem Zenless Zone Zero Codes

Now that the urban fantasy title is here, you can expect HoyoVerse to occasionally release Zenless Zone Zero codes for players to redeem to receive in-game rewards. Fortunately, there’s an easy method of entering those codes, no matter which platform you’re playing on.

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How do I redeem codes in Zenless Zone Zero?

You can redeem codes in Zenless Zone Zero after the opening cutscene and tutorial. However, note that some codes require your Inter-Knot to be at level five or higher. Once you accept Nicole’s commission, you will gain access to the menu screen where you can redeem them.

Here’s now to redeem a code on the PC and PS5:

  1. Open the menu screen.
  2. Click on the More button at the bottom of your screen and the main menu will pop up.
  3. Near the bottom of the menu is a ticket icon with Redemption Code written underneath it.
  4. Click on it and a text box will appear for you to input your code. On PC, you can paste the code into the box or type it in.

You aren’t able to redeem codes through the in-game menus on mobile. Instead, you have to sign into your HoYoVerse account on the website and input your Zenless Zone Zero codes there. If you’re having trouble accessing the redemption code menu on PC and PS5, I recommend you also try going through the website instead.

Rewards will be sent you you using the in-game mail system. You can check your mail by opening the main menu again and clicking on the mail icon.

How do I get Zenless Zone Zero codes to redeem?

New Zenless Zone Zero codes are continuously being released. The best time to check for codes is after big game announcements, version updates, and HoYoVerse livestreams.

These are all the Zenless Zone Zero codes from the game’s launch on July 4, 2024:

  • ZZZ2024
  • ZZZFREE100

Zenless Zone Zero is now available on the PS5, Windows, and mobile devices.

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