Zenless Zone Zero Interview
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Zenless Zone Zero Influenced by Evangelion and Devil May Cry

HoYoverse’s latest action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, is set for release on July 4, 2024, and in a Game Watch interview Producer Zhenyu Li shared how Devil May Cry and Evangelion influenced it. He also offered insights into the game’s development. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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Li discussed the pressures of developing Zenless Zone Zero, highlighting his concerns about creating an engaging experience for players and meeting their expectations. He also noted that the early development of Zenless Zone Zero was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented various challenges. He noted that also pushed the team to innovate and adapt.

Li specifically mentioned that the stylish combat and fluid action mechanics of Devil May Cry influenced the game’s battle system, aiming to provide a similar sense of intensity. As a longtime fan of Evangelion, Li drew inspiration from its complex narrative and character depth, striving to incorporate these elements into the Zenless Zone Zero world-building and character development. He also stated that he takes cues from Western comics and art, studying a wide selection of works when working on projects.

Regarding the game’s character roster, Li revealed that Nicole Demara is his favorite character. She is an A-rank Agent tied to the Cunning Hares faction. She’s an Ether unit who will always be available in the gacha.

Zenless Zone Zero will release on July 4, 2024 for the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. 

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